Comparing the Shared IPs and Dedicated IPs

An IP address is a fundamental part of the internet. An IP address is a physical address for your website and blog. Everything on the Internet has an IP address. And, if you want to work on the internet, IP addresses are the first point of contact for everything. Your website has a domain name, but it works on an IP address. We prefer using a domain name, but the web understands your presence only through the IP address.

There are many website hosting services available online that help you host a website. It can be a blog or an e-commerce site, and you can choose one of the hosting services. It depends on your needs and requirements. And for doing this again, you need an IP address which is assigned to you the moment a website is created.

When it comes to IP addresses, there are two types: Shared IP addresses and Dedicated IP addresses.

Let us dive in the depth of two and compare them with each other.

Shared IP address

Shared IP addresses, as the name suggests, are the ones that are assigned to hundreds of other websites along with you. You can understand this by an analogy. It’s like sharing an ice-cream with your friend or sibling. If it is not made from a hygienic source, both are going to get affected.

Most email service providers use shared IPs. There is a downside for using such service, and that is, if one of the owners using this IP starts spamming and gets blacklisted, you will have to face the consequences for their actions.

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Benefits of Shared IP address

a. Cheap and inexpensive

b. Seasonal mailers don’t need to spend a fortune on dedicated IPs

c. Low volume mailers can establish a reputation

Dedicated IP Addresses

The name says it all. It’s a dedicated IP. That precisely means, every domain gets a unique IP address, which cannot be used by any other domain once assigned to you.

There are many reasons to use a dedicated IP address, and one of the most important ones is: it boosts the performance of your website even during the time of heavy traffic load. Dedicated IPs are apt for e-commerce sites and websites that have a high traffic flow. One more thing about it is, SSL certificates can only be used with dedicated IPs.

If you have a payment gateway operated by yourself, it is mandatory to have dedicated addresses.

Benefits of Dedicated IP

a. High stability
Your website does not get influenced by other’s actions and hence capable of protecting the reputation of your site.

b. SSL Security
SSL certificate and dedicated addresses make sure your online reputation is protected. There is sensitive information that is transmitted between the server and the website. Using SSL security safeguards confidential information like passwords and credit/debit card information from leakage.

c. No risk of Email Blocking
Shared IPs can get banned for spamming, and the emails associated with those IP addresses also get blacklisted.

We have so far helped discuss the benefits of having shared or dedicated IP addresses and understood the basic use of both. Shared IP addresses are a good start for businesses considering they do not have heavy traffic on their website. These websites can opt for Shared Web Hosting and get the affordable option of Shared IPs. You can go for Shared Windows Hosting or Shared Linux Hosting, based on the kind of development platform and coding language you need.

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However, if you have a growing business with high traffic, you should immediately switch to dedicated addresses. Dedicated addresses are the best ones for businesses as they bring along the benefits of high security and faster loading time.