Avoiding Data Loss in the Days of Cloud Storage

It seems that data breaches are happening every time you turn around. From tech giants to casual victims of identity theft, virtually nobody is free from this very real risk. While considering internet providers camden sc residents have started to take preventative measures by placing more focus on their specific security needs. Nobody aims or expects to have a data breach of course, but chances are that data is not always guaranteed to be safe 100% of the time. Now that people are utilizing cloud storage more than ever, a new dimension of concern has been rightfully raised.

The Importance of Secure Connections

The impact secure connections make on the transference of personal data cannot be stressed enough, and for good reason. Forbes estimated that this amount averages 3.86 million in loss every year. On the personal level, this could mean catastrophic financial loss as well. The unfortunate truth is that many are not well-versed in the realm of understanding how data reaches these online servers from each of their devices, such as phones, tablets and computers. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your internet provider offers routers and modems with flexible configuration settings to match the wide array of internet needs.

For example, some users use internet for different applications than others. Whereas one may operate a business on the ISP’s network, another may share the same ISP network with other members in their home. It would be ill advised to configure a home business on a network that has been tailored for a family that mostly spends time on social media sites, like Instagram or Facebook.

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Where Most Data Gets Compromised

In today’s internet industry, most site developers are aware of the importance of secure connections between those using their sites and the site’s server itself. Unfortunately, most times data is stolen it is due to an interception between the source and destination. Chances are that most internet users are also aware of the importance of using only HTTPS sites by now, but many still accidentally use open networks in areas besides their homes or businesses. It is very possible that malicious software can compromise the devices used later on your secure network to intercept data being sent or received. Once this happens, third parties may be able to self-authenticate and mimic your rightful access to financial institutions and important files kept on cloud storage sites.

Adapting New Security Techniques

In addition to verifying an internet provider’s security measures and reputation among the community, there are some added steps you can take yourself. New York Times offers exceptional ideas for combating the interception of data by would-be cyber criminals. By modifying how you use websites and cloud storage servers with these suggestions, you can greatly minimize the chances of becoming added to the list of those that are affected.