5 Tips On How To Handle Social Media Marketing In 2019

As the internet continues to grow more and more in importance, it’s becoming crucial for businesses to have a social media presence in order to grow their customer base. There are 1 billion users on Instagram and 2.23 billion on Facebook, meaning that the pool for potential customers is insanely large. It’s important for marketers to stay ahead of the game and understand the newest marketing trends on social media. As social media is becoming more and more transparent, and people have seen every sale tactic there is, every social media marketing company will have to remain sharp in order to keep their clients on top. Social Media is constantly changing, and 2019 is going to be no different.

1. Learn The Right Tools

There are certain predictions about what will gain popularity in the future, but the internet can be unpredictable. What is certain however is that businesses need to equip themselves with the technology and the skill necessary in order to make the most of social media platforms. Whether you prefer to use the services of a social media marketing company or you plan to do everything in-house, having a presence on the internet can really spike up the business.

2. Focus On Helping And Less On Selling

Social media is becoming more and more a platform for customer service, a trend that is going to continue to grow in 2019. Instead of reaching out to a company with a call or an email, studies show that 54% of customers prefer social messaging channels when it comes to customer care instead of phoning or emailing. This can become an advantage for your business. Instead of focusing as much on calls to action and selling, you can use the platform for customer service, which in turn will gain you more followers, and you will be able to help them solve whatever issue they are having. This can increase brand sentiment, and customers will become more willing to buy if you gain their trust that you will help them solve their problems.

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3. Engage With Your Followers

One way to increase your social media reach and engage your followers is by keeping up with trends. Try to keep an eye on what hashtags are currently trending and try to take advantage of the ones that are relevant to your field of work. This will help get more eyes on your posts from people who did not know about you business. At the same time, try to reply to people, and try to ask questions, in order to create the feeling of a community. Having conversation with your followers can be helpful when it comes to developing a relationship with your customers.

4. Advertise Yourself

One thing that hasn’t changed from the beginning and will remain the same is the fact that you have to promote yourself in order to gain an audience. Customers can’t come to you if they don’t know your brand, which means you have to advertise your social media accounts. You can use them at the end of your articles, have them listed in a clear place on your website, use email marketing, etc. You will have to tell people that you exist in order to build a customer base.

5. Keep An Eye On Emerging Trends

Last but not least, depending on your social media goals, your budget, and your time, you might want to look into new platforms and tech trends that are going to start gaining traction. For example, when it comes to customer service, many platforms are adopting AI-driven communication, with Hootsuite predicting that by 2020, over 85% of customer service interactions will be powered by bots. Other trends that are expected to grow in 2019 are the ‘story’ features, which allow for more spontaneous content, as well as “live” content.

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